Who are we – why are we here?

Write is a VerbAs you may have recognized, we are rather new to blogging.   Even though we have several entries under our belt, signing-up for the Blogging 101 course seemed like a good idea.  It certainly couldn’t hurt.

To that end, here is a response to the first assignment – a statement of purpose (of sorts).

We’d like for the blog to give the reader a deeper look at things in the library’s collection.  From framed art to that newest hot read or wonderfully obscure title, to piecing together your family tree and discovering you’re related to the first woman to wear slacks in Oregon Territory, we want you to experience the depth of what we have share with you!

We’ll run the gamut of literary topics – books to authors to jacket art and beyond and hopefully sometimes we won’t even write – we’ll share pictures instead.

We want to connect with people who LOVE reading, libraries, books, writers, typeface, silverfish, old-book smell and an unbridled passion for the written word (be it in traditional or eBook format).

We will know that we have done this successfully by gaining new blog followers in leaps and bounds, by encouraging our followers to come and see and use what the library has to offer and most importantly by getting people to read, anything – EVERYTHING they can get their hands on!



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