Find Your Story Here

finding your roots“The history of the world is not complete until your story is told.”  –Unknown

Telling your story may sound like an impossible task.  Where to start – right?  There are seemingly so many areas to cover.

I like to think about this in a different way.  Rather than assembling a group of events, circumstances or situations that have happened to you in your life up to this point, why not turn your focus instead on those who came before you in your family line?  By knowing more about whom your ancestors were, where they came from and how they lived their lives, you’ll ultimately end up learning more about yourself!

We’re fortunate in that we have access to a great resource to get you started with the Ancestry In Library Edition database.  Not only is this a service that would cost you major bucks if you were to subscribe to it on your own, but it also offers a wealth of information in the form of digitized records from all over the world.  Many is the lunch break that I’ve spent filling in one more piece of the puzzle from my Canadian, Welsh, Scottish and German heritage.

Perhaps you would prefer to not “go it alone” when it comes to pulling all of this information together into an understandable format.  Look no further than the newly formed Genealogy Club at the Houston Branch library in South Charleston.  The plan is for a once a month meeting where people can come together to talk about best practices in research, documentation, and organization of their findings.  It will also be a time for sharing those fascinating bits of family history that make researching your family tree so addictive for some!

To find out more about any of our genealogy research databases visit To get future dates and times of the Genealogy Club meetings, call (937) 462-8047.

Help complete the history of the world – find your story here!



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