So You Want to Write

writers marketOver the years I’ve found that many people who love to read, also dream of writing a book…myself included.

It seems like it would be a pretty straightforward process.  You sit down, you write, write and write some more.  When you are done you make some edits, send it to a publisher and are discovered as the next great writer of the decade.

If only that were that easy, but the reality is that there are no guarantees your work will even be seen by a publisher (if you are trying to get published traditionally).  It’s more likely that your book may end up in the slush pile.

Why? I’ve heard many authors speak about this and they say the amount of manuscripts a publisher receives on a daily basis is staggering.  So publishers have rules an author must follow to have their work considered. Some want a cover letter, some want a summary, some only want the first 10 pages and the list goes on.  Think of it like customizing your resume for a certain job.  So how do you find out who wants what and how?

The library has many resources available, but one that is particularly helpful is Writer’s Market published by Writer’s Digest. It not only lists contact information for many different publishers, it also gives you specifics about how to submit your work to them.  There are also several online courses through Gale on getting published.

If you are looking to get your book published by the traditional route, it would be a good idea to do your homework first.  Breaking into the industry is difficult so don’t give up if you get rejection letters.  Many authors like Steven King and J.K. Rowling have had their work rejected many times.

Are there any authors out there that would like to share their advice?  Please share it with our readers.

– K

P.S.  We often get questions about signing up for the online classes through Gale.  This FAQ may be helpful to the first-time user.


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