Making Jewelry for Fun

JewelryI’m attracted to colorful, shiny things.  Which is probably why I love jewelry.  I collect it and I make my own too.  For me, the creative process usually starts with something (or many somethings) that I find interesting and then I go from there.  Sometimes though, it is nice to look at what others have done.  You might find a really cool color combination or see something used in a brand new way.  Bead magazines and books are a really great resource.  The library offers Bead & Button and Bead Style magazines on Zinio as well as many jewelry making books.  Here are some fun titles that I have enjoyed looking through.

Aimee Ray’s Sweet & Simple Jewelry by Aimee Ray – This book has fun projects for people of all skill levels.

Jewelry Upcycled! By Sherri Haap – She uses found objects and things like plastic bottles, pop cans and broken pottery to make some pretty neat pieces.  I would say most projects are for intermediate and expert level crafters.

75 Chinese, Celtic & Ornamental Knots by Laura Williams – This book features step-by-step pictorial instructions on how to create some really neat knots.

The Sparkle Factory by Tarina Tarantino – Not your average jewelry design book.  Her whimsical pieces feature bright colors and a lot of bling.

Marcia Decoster Presents: Interviews with 30 Beaders on Inspiration and Technique by Marcia Decoster – As you can probably tell by the title, this book features full color pictures of some amazing beadwork.

Vintage Jewelry Design: Classics to Collect and Wear by Caroline Cox – This book comes highly recommended by a friend.

Are any of you beaders out there?  Where do you get your inspiration from?


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