What Kind of Reader are You?

cyoaA while ago I learned something about a friend that surprised me.  She always reads the end of the story first to see if she wants to read the book.  “If the ending is a letdown, then why waste my time?” Wow, I had never thought of it that way before.   I always assumed that everyone read books the way I do from front to back.  So I asked her why would you read it at all if you know how it ends?  She said it’s because she got to discover how the events unfolded to get to the story’s resolution.

It made me realize that the book as a whole can be interesting.  Sometimes I tend to rush through the middle so I can find out how it all ends.  Doing so has probably caused me to miss a few interesting things along the way.

So my questions for you are these:

Are you someone who always reads the ending before you start a book?

Do you think skipping ahead to the end of the book would cause you to slow down and enjoy the story more or do you think “why bother?”

Do you often re-read favorite books? Which ones do you find yourself picking up again and again?

Please feel free to share your comments with us.



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