What’s In a Month


The library has many interesting resources available for our patrons to use.  One that I enjoy browsing is Chase’s Calendar of Events.  This gem of a book lists worldwide festivals, celebrations, how certain holidays were started and important events/birthdays.

Have you ever noticed holidays listed on your calendar that you’ve never heard of before?  One such holiday is called Boxing Day.  I’ve always wondered what it was, so I looked it up using this nifty book.  Now I know that Boxing Day, usually December 26th, is recognized as the day to give gifts to people like Postal employees or other public service workers.  It is celebrated in many countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom.

I also found it fascinating that each month has several designations that recognize or celebrate some pretty interesting things.  For example, did you know that January is designated as Book Blitz Month, Be Kind to Food Servers Month, Creativity Month and Oatmeal Month?  April has some fun things going on as well, like Card and Letter Writing Month, Fresh Florida Tomato Month, Informed Woman Month, Jazz Month, National Pecan Month, and Straw Hat Month (One Piece anyone?).  There are many more, but you get the picture.straw-hat2

While this book probably isn’t something you would read cover to cover, it is a fun thing to skim through.  You could look up your birthday to see which notable person was born the same day or if there is a bizarre observance listed.  My friend shares a birthday with Lillian Gish and that day is also known as Be Bald and Be Free Day.  You could learn that your hobby is celebrated nationally, like Floral Design Day on February 28th.  You can even learn out about Bonza Bottler Day… nope I’m not telling!Bald-man-jpg

Copies of Chase’s Calendar of Events are available for check out from our Park Branch.  The copies at the Main Library and Village Branch are Reference copies and must remain inside the building, but you are more than welcome to look at them the next time you visit us.

What are some non-fiction books you have found to be interesting and/or fun?



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