Cozy Up to a Mystery

I started reading mysteries on the suggestion of a friend who loves everything Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. Just to see what is out there in the book world, I typed the word mystery in the library’s search box and was blown away with just how many titles we have.  But what really started to stand out as I browsed through the list was a lot of themed mysteries.

If you are interested in it, chances are there is a mystery revolving around it. I found out that these are known as cozy mysteries.  So if you are new to the genre, here is a general description of what they are. 

A cozy mystery is a sub-genre of mysteries that are mostly theme-based. The protagonist is typically a female but not always.  Think of Miss Marple from Agatha Christie’s books.  She is not a police officer but, she is clever and very involved in her community.  Her connections allow her to ferret out clues that she will feed to someone she knows in law enforcement.  She doesn’t seek trouble, but somehow it always seems to fall into her lap. Oftentimes a friend or acquaintance will draw her into the fray because she is good at what she does.  Puns and wordplay seem to be heavily relied upon.  They also are pretty tame, not much violence or adult language.

So what themes can you expect to find? Here is just a sampling of the many topics: Historical, chocolate, Christmas, dogs, cats, cookies, ghosts, theater, library, gluten-free, book club, coffee, tea, quilting, superstitions, psychics,  needlecraft, knitting, baking,  archaeological, book lovers, shinobi (ninjas), medieval and Victorian.

I’m looking forward to trying a shinobi mystery. Do you enjoy cozy mysteries?  What is your favorite series?



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