Making 2016 a Year to Remember

I don’t know about you, but it seemed like 2015 went by way too fast. Even my friends are saying, “Where did the year go?”  While I did do some fun things last year, most of it was taken up by work, TV, and household chores.  It was basically the same thing day in and day out with little variety.  So in the New Year’s tradition I’ve set some goals.

My first goal for 2016 is to break out of the routine by spending more quality time with family and friends. Another goal is to work on the creative projects I’ve been putting off and maybe jump on the “makers” bandwagon.  My thought process is that if I accomplish more and spend meaningful time with the people I care about, then maybe I will feel like the year wasn’t a total blur.  Then again, time may go even faster…I guess I’ll find out. Continue reading