Making 2016 a Year to Remember: Part 4 – Special Interest & Hobbies

OOPS!!!  We’ve been unforgivably lax in getting posts up for the last few months.  But I would say that there is an EXTREMELY good reason.  We’ve got some EXCITING new construction happening here at the Main Library and our focus has been pulled towards the ever changing and evolving landscape and all of the things that go along with that (signs directing people, grabbing photos, seeking out musical rhythms in the mechanical noise ;), etc…).  More on this to come.

So, with that thought – please enjoy perusing this listing of special interest and hobby titles.  Book descriptions are taken from the library catalog listings.


Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft Mods Programming by Rogers Cadenhead

Ideal for Minecraft users, young and old, who are new to programming. Clear and friendly style assumes no prior programming knowledge.  Rogers breaks down Minecraft mods programming concepts and terms into short, easily understandable lessons.   Continue reading


Making Jewelry for Fun

JewelryI’m attracted to colorful, shiny things.  Which is probably why I love jewelry.  I collect it and I make my own too.  For me, the creative process usually starts with something (or many somethings) that I find interesting and then I go from there.  Sometimes though, it is nice to look at what others have done.  You might find a really cool color combination or see something used in a brand new way.  Bead magazines and books are a really great resource.  The library offers Bead & Button and Bead Style magazines on Zinio as well as many jewelry making books.  Here are some fun titles that I have enjoyed looking through. Continue reading